Should I Have a Prenup for My Wedding?

Should I Have a Prenup for My Wedding?

Should I Have a Prenup for My Wedding?


If you are contemplating marriage, you should also consider how you will protect your assets in the event of a divorce. Connecticut divorce lawyer Alex Schwartz can help you decide if a premarital agreement – also known as a prenuptial agreement – is right for you. The Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz offers flexible payment plans, and you will work directly with the primary attorney to draft your prenuptial agreement.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

There are two common misconceptions about prenuptial agreements: People tend to believe that they indicate a lack of trust between future spouses, and only the wealthy need them. In fact, a premarital agreement sets forth how assets will be divided and how financial matters will be handled if the marriage ends. A premarital agreement is drafted in accordance with state divorce and inheritance laws so couples can draft an agreement that agrees with their views as well as the laws.

A premarital agreement offers several other benefits. It can protect spouses from each other’s debts and keep their finances separate. A prenup can ensure that family property, such as heirlooms, remains within the family. You can use a premarital agreement to provide for children from prior marriages, or even to outline who is responsible for other financial responsibilities during the marriage, such as paying bills, how much money to put into savings, and management of bank accounts. You cannot use a premarital agreement to agree to child support, custody arrangements or non-financial matters such as household chores, however. The Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz can guide you through the nuances of premarital agreement law.

Conscionable Agreements

Although a couple can draft an agreement that is in line with their views regarding alimony and other financial issues, it should be carefully drafted. Neither spouse should be treated harshly. Judges are generally permitted to review premarital agreements when they appear to place one party at a significant disadvantage. An agreement cannot allow one spouse cannot leave one spouse reliant on public assistance while the other lives comfortably. Connecticut law states that agreements which result in one spouse needing public assistance cannot be enforced.

Connecticut Premarital Agreement Act

Premarital agreements must comply with the Connecticut Premarital Agreement Act. Agreements must not be coerced or made under duress, so it is important to allow plenty of time prior to the wedding to execute one. The Act also requires that fair and reasonable disclosure of finances, assets and liabilities be made by each party, with a reasonable opportunity to ask questions and request documentation.

The Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz have over 30 years of trial experience and will bring that experience to your prenuptial agreements. If you are searching for a family lawyer in Southport, Waterbury, or Bridgeport, Connecticut, please contact them today.


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