Dog Bites

Dog Bites

In the State of Connecticut, a dog owner has the responsibility to control his/her dog. An
individual who has suffered an injury as a result of an attacking dog may sue the dog’s owner
because he/she has legal responsibility for the animal. This is true even if the dog does not have
a history of dangerous or violent acts, and this may be the only way for you or your child to
receive compensation to help with the medical bills and other damages associated with a bite.
You may have tried to handle the issue on your own but found that the other dog owner is
unwilling to work with you. If this applies to you, it’s a wise idea to schedule a consultation with
a Connecticut dog bite attorney to evaluate your options and determine whether you have the
basis for a claim.

Some of the most common injuries associated with a dog bite include scars, lacerations, and even
infections. These injuries can haunt you for years to come, and this is especially true if the victim
is a child. It can take years for someone who has been injured by a dog to even feel comfortable
around animals. This is why the law recognizes your rights to pursue compensation for your
injuries. This compensation could help you move on with your life and focus on the healing and
medical treatment you need to put this unfortunate incident behind you.

If you or someone you know has suffered the negative consequences of a dog bite, you need to
get medical attention as soon as possible and then consider consulting with an attorney. Getting
legal advice immediately can advise you of your options and empower you with the chance to
make an informed decision about your future. Do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Alex
Schwartz to learn more and work with an attorney who has more than thirty years of experience
and the personalized attention you deserve. In a personal injury case with my office, there’s no
fee unless you win.

A major dog bite attack can result in serious and significant injuries like puncture wounds, nerve
injuries, scarring, or even infection. When an attack impacts a child, it can also result in major
psychological damage. Dog owners should be held accountable for the injuries caused by an
attacking dog and you may have recourse by filing a personal injury claim. A dog bite lawyer
can tell you more about your rights and what you need to initiate a claim.

We’re Here To Help

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury because of a dog bite attack, you need to
contact the Law Office of Alexander Schwartz to have your claim evaluated. You could be
entitled to financial compensation as a result of your injuries. With years of experience
representing victims just like you, I understand the challenges you are currently facing and the
difficulties in moving forward with your life.


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