Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law

When you’ve been injured in an accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, your personal
injury lawyer should be committed to giving your claim the time and attention that it deserves.
Make sure that you find an attorney who is going to work with you directly, because the outcome
of a personal injury case could have a lot of implications for your future. It’s simply too
important to be left to chance.

There are many different types of personal injury accidents. Some of the most common causes of
personal injury lawsuits in Connecticut include:

These accidents can lead to long-term and chronic injuries requiring physical therapy, surgery, or
heavy medication. Focusing so much on your medical care can also prove problematic for your
employment situation. Recognizing this, Connecticut personal injury law allows you to file a
claim when another party is at fault for your injuries. The case progresses and the personal injury
attorney handles it independently of you. A successful claim can leave you with compensation
to help you pay for your medical expenses and to move on from this unfortunate accident as
soon as possible. During a challenging time, your Connecticut personal injury lawyer can be a
critical support for you and your case.

At the Law Office of Alexander Schwartz, we strive to give you with the highest quality legal
representation so that you can feel comfortable during this challenging time. My legal team is
committed to providing you with up-to-date information about your case and helping you
understand the legal process from start to finish. Trying to figure out how to piece your life
together after a personal injury accident is never easy, but we work hard to understand how this
accident has impacted you.

We’re To Help!

With more than 30 years of trial experience, we know the challenges you are facing and
understand the ramifications of a personal injury accident. It is likely that you are facing
mounting medical bills and lost time at work along with the psychological impacts of the
accident. Connecticut personal injury law recognizes your right to move forward with a claim
when another person’s recklessness or negligent behavior is the cause of your injuries.

Since your life may never be the same, it is critical to find an attorney who takes your case
seriously and is willing to give you the personalized attention you deserve. With so much on the
line, hiring the right personal injury attorney is not an action that should be taken lightly. Work
with someone who can explain the process to you and give you valuable advice about what to do
next. Filing a personal injury claim may allow you to focus on recovery and moving on with
your life rather than feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the outcome of the accident. Trust
more than thirty years of experience and hand your case off to an attorney who offers dedicated
attention to your case. When hiring a personal injury attorney on a contingency fee basis, there’s
no fee unless you win.


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