Child Support

Child Support

Child support issues can be complex and confusing but they are ones each parent will deal with
at least until each child reaches the age of majority. A child support issue can arise between two
parents who are married or unmarried. Paying child support does not depend on how much
visitation the parent paying child support gets with the children. When one parent has physical
custody of a child born to the two parents, child support will need to be addressed. Finding a
good lawyer can make all the difference. If you have questions about child custody
requirements, get legal help as soon as possible.

As an experienced family law firm, the Law Office of Alexander Schwartz can help you work
through these issues by:

  • Legally enforcing payment. If your spouse is not paying the court-ordered child support,
    you may need to file a motion to allow you to receive payment as a result of wage
    garnishment or bring the other parent to court.
  • Calculating child support. Connecticut has mandatory child support guidelines but
    speaking with your family lawyer first can give you an estimation of what to expect.
  • Modifying the terms. If either parent experiences substantial changes in his/her
    circumstances, modifying an existing child support order may be necessary.

Child support is determined in Connecticut by evaluating a parent’s financial responsibility to
pay for childcare and medical expenses. Various economic factors are considered in arriving at a
final number which the non-custodial parent will be ordered to pay, such as income levels, the
number of children, and whether a child has any special needs. A judge is instructed to review
all relevant factors and consider the best interests and needs of the child in putting together an
order for child support, but your own economic circumstances can impact your obligations. Both
parents should consult with a child support lawyer to be clear about expectations. This
minimizes confusion and gives both parties a chance to get questions answered.

Parents can also agree to pay a different amount for child support than called for by the Child
Support Guidelines so long as it meets the child’s basic needs. Parents need to consult with their
Connecticut child support attorneys and come to their own agreement in order to enforce this.
Before doing this, consult with your attorney and ensure that the agreement you reach does
have the minimum requirements in place for child support, as not doing this could cause your
agreement to be overruled by a judge.

We’re Here To Help

If you are facing a challenge related to enforcing an existing child support order or if you are
concerned about how child support may influence your divorce and child custody case, it is in
your best interests to set up a meeting with an experienced Connecticut child support lawyer
sooner rather than later. Getting your questions answered up front can ease a lot of your fears and
give you peace of mind about moving forward with your child support case. With more than
thirty years of experience, choose to work directly with the attorneys at the Law Office of
Alexander Schwartz and make use of flexible payment plans.


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