Child Custody

Child Custody

Child Custody and Visitation

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz understand that issues surrounding children’s well-being are the most contentious and anxiety-provoking. We approach these cases in a compassionate manner while keeping their best interests and Connecticut’s child custody laws at the forefront.

Minimizing the Effects of a Custody Action on your Children

The end of a marriage often leads to turbulence within a family. If you and your ex fail to agree on a custody arrangement, circumstances can become even more stressful. Unfortunately, there are few things worse than a child finding him – or herself in the middle of a tug-of-war between parents. With that in mind, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Alexander A. Schwartz work hard to identify custody situations that may be appropriate for the use of collaborative law. Collaborative law helps to avoid the expense, stress, and time involved in traditional divorce litigation, and not going to court increases the speed in which your situation is resolved.

If collaborative law does not suit your situation, however, we will aggressively represent you in family court. Unlike firms that try to settle matters out of court, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Alexander A. Schwartz have more than 30 years of trial experience in state and federal courts throughout the country.

Child Custody Issues That We Can Help You With

Many issues arise between parents while discussing child custody at the time of divorce. As children get older, their needs change, so custody and visitation needs and wants change with the age of the children. Usually, those issues pertain to where the children live. Sometimes, circumstances may require a change in the custody arrangement that was initially put in place.

“Residence” defines where the children will live. Some parents seek primary residence and allow the other to visit with the children. These visits are called “Parenting Time”. Some parents share their parenting time so that the child will live equally with each parent in each parent’s home. There are so many types of residential arrangements that can be made at or after a divorce that they cannot be described her. Ultimately, a judge looks at parenting time from the standpoint of the child and asks, “is this parenting time in the child’s best interest?”

“Custody” differs from “Residence.” “Custody” determines which parent is responsible for major decisions that involve the health, education, religious upbringing and overall welfare of the minor child. Many parents have joint legal custody and co-decide important issues together, but some parents are awarded sole legal custody of the children. Joint legal custody can be awarded even when a child lives primarily with one parent.

Other Child Custody-Related Issues

If one parent is awarded primary residence, the other parent will normally be entitled to visitation rights. We can help you create a parenting schedule that establishes the time the noncustodial parent will spend with the children. This schedule is based on the best interests of the children and varies on a case-by-case basis.
We can also help you draft a parenting plan which the parties agree to in order to protect each parent’s rights and attempt to minimize conflict in the future.
Our attorneys can also help calculate child support payments under the Connecticut Child Support Guidelines and explain how custody and residence may affect those payments.

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If you have questions about a child custody or residence dispute or need help sorting out custody and support issues with the other parent of your children, please contact the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz today for a free consultation. We offer flexible payment plans and scheduling.



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