Divorce Law

Divorce Law

When considering a divorce, it is essential to find an attorney that you can trust. This is a
difficult time emotionally, but it is imperative that you clearly understand your rights and
responsibilities. You need someone advocating for you over the course of your divorce, as this
can be a trying time. There are usually several major issues determined in a Connecticut divorce
case, such as spousal support, child custody, and division of property. How this is structured in
your divorce could have a substantial impact on your life post-divorce, so you need to work with
a lawyer who understands all of your concerns and works hard to represent your needs from start
to finish.

Consulting with an attorney will give you an overview of the divorce process in Connecticut and
explain some of the common challenges you might face moving forward. An initial consultation
with a Connecticut divorce attorney can also give you some expectations about your case such as
how it will proceed and how long it might take in a court system. Whether your case is complex
or something you believe to be relatively simple, having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side
can be critical for success.

Many people believe that their divorce will not be complex but discover over the course of the
process that the other spouse may be pursuing the case more aggressively and making it hard to
resolve. With issues on the line such as child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and
division of property, you need to understand your rights and how the laws of Connecticut will
influence you moving forward with the divorce. Unfortunately, going through the legal process
of divorce can bring out the worst in both parties, and just because you thought you could agree
on these issues in the past is no guarantee that you and your spouse will remain on the same page
throughout the divorce. This is why you need an attorney who can adapt as things change
throughout the process while still keeping you as the primary concern. Don’t underestimate the
impact of a committed lawyer.

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Hiring the right Connecticut divorce attorney is about finding a person who can give you
individualized attention and who understands the complex facets of divorce law, as well as
the particulars of your own case. You have to trust that lawyer with your future, because that
is what is at stake.

Your attorney should be attentive to your individual needs. During this difficult time, you need a
lawyer you can count on and trust over the course of the process. Identifying someone who has
your best interests in mind is the right way to proceed with a divorce in the state of Connecticut.
Visit the Law Office of Alexander Schwartz and get the benefit of working with an attorney who
has more than thirty years of experience in the law. Flexible payment plans are available, and
you can work directly with the attorney.


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I had Alex in a very messy divorce. I didn’t get everything I wanted, but he explained to me why I couldn’t have it all. He explained every decision I had to make so when it was over I understood how I got where I am. His fees were lots less than many of my friends paid for their divorces and I’m really happy with how quickly he answered emails and text messages.


Attorney Alex Schwartz is recommended for your highest rankings. Mr. Schwartz exemplifies professionalism and courtesy. He has a reputation for zealous advocacy as well as for fairness and cooperation.