When you are arrested for driving under the influence, the stakes are high. You can lose your
license or find yourself facing heavy fines or jail time. In addition to the consequences associated
with the court, the Department of Motor Vehicles can also suspend your license. With the very
strict drunk driving laws on the books in Connecticut, it is imperative to speak with a DUI
defense lawyer as soon as possible. If your rights have been violated or if the testing or
equipment used by the office wasn’t working properly, your attorney may be able to get the
charges dismissed or eliminate the possibility of a license suspension.

Get Control of Your Future

Getting advice and knowing what to expect at this stage of your DUI is critical for your future,
so do not hesitate to get legal help as soon as possible. During an initial consultation with a
Connecticut DUI lawyer, you should discuss your drunk driving case, determine the attorney’s
opinion about your case, and discuss your next steps. Working with an attorney who offers
flexible payment plans and the opportunity to work with him or her directly is very beneficial.

Other attorneys may try to earn your business, but you need an attorney you can count on. At
the Law Offices of Alexander Schwartz, you work with an attorney who is committed to your
case from its inception through its completion. It won’t be passed off to another firm employee
or swept under the rug. Instead, you’ll get the benefit of working directly with the attorney to
understand the strategy and the stakes. Don’t make the mistake of choosing someone
inexperienced or inexpensive because there is too much on the line for you and your future. A
DUI conviction can follow you for years to come, so having someone willing to explore all
possible avenues in your defense is very helpful. Schedule an initial consultation so you get an
idea of the attorney’s personality and dedication to your case as soon as possible after you have
been arrested for a Connecticut DUI.

Even though you might be under the impression that a DUI is a minor issue, this is never the
case, and it can be a big mistake to downsize the potential ramifications of a conviction. A DUI
conviction on your record can haunt you for years to come, so it is critical that you hire someone
who is committed to fighting your case and working towards the best outcome for you. Having
someone who knows the landscape and can evaluate all possible strategies and outcomes is an
essential component of your DUI defense.

We’re Here To Help

Especially in cases where you are facing a second or subsequent DUI, you may need help from a
lawyer who is experienced in this aspect of the law. With your future on the line, this is not the
time to take chances. Find a Connecticut DUI lawyer who is experienced in working with DUI
clients so that you can have peace of mind about the next steps in your case. At the Law Office
of Alexander Schwartz, you get the benefit of more than thirty years of legal experience.


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