Connecticut Traffic Ticket Lawyer – What Paying Your Traffic Ticket Really Means

Connecticut Traffic Ticket Lawyer – What Paying Your Traffic Ticket Really Means

Connecticut Traffic Ticket Lawyer – What Paying Your Traffic Ticket Really Means

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Traffic in Stamford, Connecticut, can be a nightmare, which makes it easy to commit a traffic infraction. You may not know this, but paying your ticket is essentially pleading guilty and can have serious consequences, including the loss of your license, in the future. The Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz can help you fight your ticket and protect your driving record.

Consequences of Paying a Ticket

Paying your traffic ticket may seem like the easiest option, but when you pay your traffic ticket in Connecticut, you are pleading nolo contendere, which means no contest. Even that plea may seem easier than fighting the ticket, but the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch states on its website that “Nolo contendere has a similar legal effect as pleading guilty.” Once you pay it, the ticket is reported to the Connecticut Commissioner of Motor Vehicles and is added to your driving history, which “insurance companies usually check […] before issuing new policies,” the State of Connecticut says. As a result, that ticket may cause the cost of your insurance to increase.

Your Day in Court

If you choose to fight the ticket, you will have to go to Superior Court, where you should have an experienced attorney on your side, but this is not a requirement. The police officer who issued the ticket will be present, and both sides will explain what happened. Witnesses may also be called.

If you lose in court, you will have to pay the fine, plus additional fees, such as court costs. If you are found guilty, you will be assessed points on your license. Some charges could also result in the suspension of your license, per the State of Connecticut.

Points on Your License

If you are guilty, the Department of Motor Vehicles may assess points on your license. These points can have serious consequences. notes that accumulating six points will lead to a warning letter, and 10 points will lead to a license suspension. These points will stay on your record for a period of 24 months, which leaves a lot of time to accumulate 10 points.

Many common traffic violations, such as speeding, failing to signal, or failing to drive in the correct lane, are worth only one point. Other violations, such as failing to obey railroad crossing signals, failing to stop, or failing to yield, result in two points. Serious driving infractions, such as DUIs, failing to grant right of way to an emergency vehicle, or failing to yield to a pedestrian, will result in three points. Violations such as passing a stopped school bus will result in four points, and operating a school bus at excessive speeds or committing negligent homicide with a motor vehicle will result in five points.

Considering such serious consequences, it’s crucial to avoid having points assessed on your license. Attorney Alexander H. Schwartz is a former prosecutor who has decades of trial experience. He can help you fight your Stamford, Connecticut, traffic ticket. Contact the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz today for a free consultation.


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