When Is Defense of Others a Defense to a Connecticut Crime?

Self-defense is one of the most well-known defenses to a Connecticut crime. We are accustomed to seeing self-defense in movies and television, as an attacker is fought off in fantastic fashion. In recent years, we have also heard great debate on stand your ground laws in Florida and elsewhere that test both societal and legal…

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Why a Bridgeport CT Lawyer Should Help at Your Arraignment

When law enforcement arrives with an arrest warrant, it initiates several different events. The person accused of a crime is read his or her rights and placed under arrest. Upon arrival at the county jail, the defendant is processed and booked by the police department. As part of the intake process, the defendant is fingerprinted,…

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From a Norwalk CT Criminal Lawyer: What is Cyberstalking in CT?

In 2012 the stalking and harassment laws in Connecticut were finally revised to account for the extensive advancements in technology that had occurred since 1992, which was the last year Connecticut’s harassment laws were updated. In those intervening 20 years, residents of Connecticut acquired cell phones, laptop computers, and internet connections in every home. There…

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5 Times You Need to Contact a Norwalk CT Criminal Lawyer

Citizens in Norwalk CT interact with police and law enforcement on a daily basis. Often, these interactions are straightforward and pleasant. Even when the police are investigating a crime, your conversations and communication with the police can be informal and candid. However, there are times when the tone and structure of an investigation change, and…

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Connecticut Criminal Lawyer – How To Interact With Police During An Arrest

connecticut criminal lawyer

Connecticut Criminal Lawyer – Interacting with Police During an Arrest When you’re pulled over by the police, it’s best to say as little as possible and respond politely while answering their questions. Even when you’re courteous and promptly produce your driver’s license and car registration, the police may nonetheless give you a ticket or arrest…

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Divorce Mediation and Finding the Right Connecticut Family Lawyer

connecticut family lawyer

Divorce Mediation and Finding the Right Connecticut Family Lawyer A mediator can help you settle disputed issues during your divorce. The process is confidential, and the mediator is a neutral party who remains objective. The mediator guides the couple in its united effort to reach an agreement on property division, child custody and visitation, and…

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Business Formation in Connecticut

business formation in connecticut

Business Formation in Connecticut Starting a business can be an exciting but overwhelming venture. If you have questions about starting a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation, contact the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz today or continue reading for information about each venture. What Is a Sole Proprietorship? A sole proprietorship simply means that one…

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Connecticut Injury Lawyer – Injured at Work? We’re Here to Help

connecticut injury lawyer

Connecticut Injury Lawyer – Injured at Work? We’re Here to Help If you’ve been hurt at work, there is a unique and complex process that you must follow to receive workers’ compensation. Contact the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz today with any questions you may have or continue reading to learn more about Connecticut’s…

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