Bridgeport CT OUI Lawyer

Bridgeport CT OUI Lawyer

Bridgeport CT OUI Lawyer

Bridgeport CT OUI Lawyer

Bridgeport CT OUI Lawyer

Charges for operating under the influence (OUI) can happen in an instant.

There’s a decision to drive after a few beers, or maybe an officer mistook your anxiety for alcohol. Then a roadside breath test is administered or request for one at the station. Then there is arrest, arraignment, and formal charges – all in a single day. However, the effects of an OUI take much longer to settle and impact your life for a long time.

As an OUI defense firm in Bridgeport, CT, the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz fight to keep the impact of an OUI to a minimum. Our willingness to put forth a strong strategy for dropping OUI or DUI charges leads to better results for our clients.

Why You Need a Lawyer for OUI Charges in Bridgeport CT

Connecticut is tough on OUI offenders. For years the state has taken a progressive stance on administrative and criminal penalties for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The result is a set of serious ramifications for an OUI conviction in Bridgeport, CT.

Just as we argue against charges for property crimes, white-collar crimes, or possession of drugs, our team determines the best argument against OUI charges and develops a tough defense. Our strategy for defense starts from the minute you call, until both criminal trial and an administrative hearing are final.

Throughout your case, a Bridgeport, CT OUI lawyer, like Alex Schwartz will:

  • Review all circumstances of your case;
  • Investigate if due process was followed in your arrest;
  • Look for mistakes in the breath test equipment or results;
  • Collect evidence of innocence or mitigating factors;
  • Provide regular updates on your case;
  • Present all options for your defense to OUI;
  • Relay information from the court;
  • Develop a clear strategy for your defense; and
  • Fight to drop the charges in court.

Why Hire a Local Lawyer for Defense to OUI?

As a Bridgeport, CT OUI lawyer, Alex Schwartz is very familiar with OUI laws in Connecticut and how to build a successful defense despite these strict laws. Our law firm in Bridgeport has handled hundreds of OUI or DWI cases in Bridgeport, Norwalk, and across Fairfield County. In a number of instances, we’ve helped clients walk away without jail time or payment of steep fines.

The in-depth knowledge of Connecticut’s OUI laws, local courts, and tendencies of Bridgeport judges, that can keep an OUI offender from facing significant ramifications can only come from a local Bridgeport criminal lawyer.

Why Call a Local Lawyer Today

Just as your arrest for OUI can move quickly, so can the proceedings in court. The prosecutor will file motions and may ask for a plea bargain. The court will expect answers to the documents filed with the court and require consistent communication. Suddenly, your trial that was months in the future is the next day.

The speed of the OUI process in Bridgeport, CT means you need a Bridgeport OUI lawyer now. Immediately after an arrest or arraignment, you should take the first step towards defense of OUI charges schedule a free, initial consultation with the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz.


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