Bridgeport CT Heroin Possession Lawyer

Bridgeport CT Heroin Possession Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz, our Bridgeport CT Heroin Possession Lawyer is dedicated to the legal questions and issues that directly impact people in our community. We want to make certain you, and others in the Bridgeport community, receive high-quality legal advice when it comes to personal injury cases, family law questions, and criminal defense.

This commitment to community-focused legal services means a large part of our practice at the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz is focused on defense to Connecticut crimes, such as OUI, property crimes, and drug crimes. Backed by over 30 years of trial experience, lawyer Alex Schwartz has utilized prior experience defending drug crimes to become a top Bridgeport CT heroin possession lawyer.

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Why You Need a Tough Defense to Heroin-Related Charges

An opioid epidemic is sweeping across the United States, and many people in Connecticut are impacted by the events of this rising issue. One outcome is a higher number of people in Bridgeport, CT and nearby areas, like Norwalk, CT, charged with sale or possession of heroin. Harsh punishments for heroin-related charges are similarly more frequent.

Connecticut is one of the remaining states with a mandatory minimum sentence for drug crimes, including heroin possession. It is a felony here in Bridgeport CT. A heroin possession lawyer must fight for an acquittal to avoid this mandatory sentence, as charges for heroin possession could lead to:

  • For a first offense: a fine in the amount of $50,000 and 7 years in state prison;
  • For a second offense: a fine in the amount of $100,000 and 15 years in state prison; and
  • For a third offense: a fine in the amount of $250,000 and 25 years in state prison.

Additionally, if you are found in possession of a large quantity of heroin or in the same location as a large quantity of heroin, the prosecutor could charge you with trafficking, not simple possession. This is a more serious charge that requires a highly experienced drug lawyer, such as the team at the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz.

Why a Local Lawyer’s Approach to Drug Charges Works

At the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz, we take a compassionate and straightforward approach to legal advice. We take the time to explain the details of your situation and the possible outcomes of a case in Bridgeport, CT, such as charges for possession of heroin. This personal approach to drug defense is impossible for a big law firm located across the state or across the country.

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As a Bridgeport local lawyer working in your community, Alex Schwartz can spend more time meeting in-person and talking about your case. You will always feel informed about your defense and progress of the case, which can have a positive impact on the outcome.

Why You Should Talk with a Heroin Possession Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one is facing charges for heroin possession, it is important to speak with a lawyer immediately after arrest and arraignment. The sooner a knowledgeable heroin possession lawyer is involved, the better your defense and the greater likelihood of a positive result.

At the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz, we offer all new clients a free, initial consultation at our local offices. In this conversation, you can questions about defense to heroin possession or other drug charges, and decide if working with our legal team is a good fit – and it is free of charge.


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