Bridgeport CT Drug Lawyer

Bridgeport CT Drug Lawyer

Drug-related charges impact people throughout Bridgeport CT and it is important to have a Bridgeport CT Drug Lawyer. The State of Connecticut criminalizes a wide range of actions related to the possession, sale, distribution, and production of controlled substances, including illegal drugs and prescription pills.

For many people charged with a drug crime in Bridgeport,Norwalk, and other locations in Connecticut the events leading to arrest and arraignment are confusing and swift. It’s being in the wrong location at the wrong time, making one bad decision, or a mistake by the police.

As a drug defense law firm in Bridgeport, CT, the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz build a strategic and forceful defense to all drug charges. Whether you are charged with possession of marijuana or trafficking in narcotics, drug lawyer Alex Schwartz has the experience and knowledge to take your case.

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Why Hire a Lawyer to Defend Drug Crimes

In Bridgeport, CT drug-related charges can lead to substantial consequences. A conviction for possession of heroin, the sale of marijuana, or distribution of illegal prescription pills will remain on your criminal record, could hinder career advancement, and even limit your ability to apply for certain licenses or certifications. Preventing these substantial effects is very important, and a Bridgeport drug lawyer can help.

Throughout your case, a Bridgeport, CT lawyer, like Alex Schwartz will:

  • Learn about the charges from your perspective;
  • Explain the possible punishments and repercussions;
  • Form a strategy for your defense to any drug charges;
  • Look for inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case;
  • Collect evidence on your arrest and the charges;
  • Communicate with the court and prosecutor;
  • Represent you in court and make arguments on your behalf; and
  • Help you understand the outcome and options after the trial.

Why Our Local Approach Matters in Your Case

As a local lawyer in Bridgeport CT, Alex Schwartz is careful and strategic about the cases he accepts. At all times, our firm is mindful of commitments to current clients and how to best utilize the prior experience and local information. At the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz, we have embodied this commitment to community and dedication to individual clients. This leads us to focus on cases with a direct and personal impact on lives in Bridgeport CT.


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Our drug defense law firm in Bridgeport, CT has found the knowledge of a local lawyer is particularly important in instances of drug defense, OUI defense, family law, criminal cases, and personal injury lawsuits. Few cases are more localized or in need of in-depth community knowledge than drug-related offenses, and it’s why providing a robust defense to drug-offenses has become a major part of our practice.

Why Speak with a Bridgeport Local Lawyer Today

Facing drug charges begins with a confidential, free conversation with the Law Offices of Alexander H. Schwartz. When you contact our local office, we immediately schedule an in-person conversation with a Bridgeport, CT drug lawyer. From this conversation, our top-rated legal team starts working on your defense and finding a positive outcome to your legal matter.

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I had Alex in a very messy divorce. I didn’t get everything I wanted, but he explained to me why I couldn’t have it all. He explained every decision I had to make so when it was over I understood how I got where I am. His fees were lots less than many of my friends paid for their divorces and I’m really happy with how quickly he answered emails and text messages.


Attorney Alex Schwartz is recommended for your highest rankings. Mr. Schwartz exemplifies professionalism and courtesy. He has a reputation for zealous advocacy as well as for fairness and cooperation.