5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Bridgeport CT Criminal Lawyer

5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Bridgeport CT Criminal Lawyer

Charged with a crime in Connecticut? You deserve the very best criminal defense possible, provided by a Bridgeport CT criminal lawyer that is not only experienced but also prepared. What questions should you ask and what do you need to know before hiring the right lawyer?

Here are five things, we recommend you know before deciding on your criminal defense counsel.

#1: What Is the Lawyer’s Commitment to Communication?

There are few things more important during your defense than exceptional communication. You need a Bridgeport CT criminal lawyer that sends consistent and regular updates and provides a timely response to your questions or emails. Without this level of communication and support, your defense will suffer.

In addition, hiring a lawyer that can effectively communicate the complicated points of Connecticut law is essential. You want to work with a criminal lawyer that can explain the steps and process of a criminal trial, give you insight into the laws impacting your case, and provide clarification when unexpected events happen in your case.

#2: What Crimes Has the Lawyer Defended in the Past?

Under the Connecticut criminal laws, every crime in the state is defined by a different and unique statute. These statues can be very different from one another, and the expertise a Bridgeport CT criminal lawyer needs to take a case can vary from one case to the next. Therefore, when you are contacting and meeting with criminal lawyers for your own defense, it is essential to know what crimes that lawyer has defended in the past.

You want to hire a Bridgeport CT criminal lawyer that has direct experience defending the crime you are charged with. Ideally, this criminal lawyer has defendant multiple people charged with this exact crime and received good outcomes from those cases – which brings us to point number two.

#3: Does the Lawyer Have a Record of Good Outcomes in Criminal Court?

Some Bridgeport CT criminal lawyers provide more extensive and broad legal services than just criminal defense. This is not a hindrance or problem for your case, provided the lawyer’s experience in civil court doesn’t skew his or her reputation as a criminal lawyer.

Winning a good outcome in criminal court is far different process than in civil court. A Bridgeport CT criminal lawyer is faced with different procedural requirements, strategies, and repercussions for a bad outcome. You definitely want to know if a lawyer has a strong record in criminal defense before hiring him or her for your case.

#4: How Frequently Does the Lawyer Take a Case to Trial?

There are acceptable times to accept a plea bargain in a criminal prosecution. Your Bridgeport CT criminal lawyer can provide plenty of examples. However, there are a number of criminal lawyers in Connecticut, and around the United States, that mistakenly advise clients to accept plea bargains, sometimes when it isn’t in the defendant’s best interest. You don’t want to hire one of these criminal lawyers. Instead, look for a Bridgeport CT criminal lawyer with a lot of trial experience and a willingness to fight your case in court.

Plus, if your case does end with a criminal trial, you’ll have the advantage of the same criminal lawyer involved in your case from beginning to end.

#5: Does the Lawyer Offer a Free Initial Consultation?

Before hiring a Bridgeport CT criminal lawyer you should understand the lawyer’s fee structure and receive an estimated cost for your defense. There are cost-effective and cost-aware criminal lawyers out there to take your case, and you can start determining which lawyers will have your financial interests, as well as your freedom, in mind when handling your case.

A criminal lawyer should offer a free initial consultation to start your case. This consultation is an opportune time to discuss the charges against you, begin to build trust, and answer the other questions on this list.

Ready to schedule your free consultation with a criminal lawyer? You can contact the Law Offices of Alexander Schwartz by calling (203) 255-9829.


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